For Realtors

Valerie Spelman,  The Home & Garden Stylist, is a former Real Estate agent who knows what it takes to sell a house.

After viewing many homes on the market, she left the field to pursue her passion for interior design. By utilizing the Resale-Ready™ Decorating Service,  she becomes the liaison between the agent and the homeowner, educating and guiding the client by making suggestions that will help the home to sell more quickly and for a higher profit.

What’s the difference between Staging and Resale-Ready™ Decorating Services?

Based on statistics, only 10% of homeowners and potential buyers can visualize the home other than the way it is presented.   Resale – Ready™ Decorating Service is a unique “staging” service that uses the homeowner’s existing furnishings.  Rather than bring in costly staging furniture which involves rental fees and storage of the homeowner’s furnishings, we work with what is available.  Typical staging companies bring in new furniture and set up the home to look like a model. The service can be cost prohibitive to the agent and/or seller.

With this service there are instant decorative changes.  It is cost effective, user friendly and a written design plan, which is a clear recipe for the homeowner, is given at the end of the consultation, complete with trade resources to call on if needed.

What if the home is vacant?

We can provide you a list of furniture companies who rent furniture and give you a detailed plan of what to use to stage the home.

What does a consultation entail?

Resale-Ready™ Services start at the street, looking for curb appeal, covers the exterior and ends inside the home.  With this service there are instant decorative changes focusing on the home’s best features. It is cost effective, user friendly and a detailed written design plan, is given at the end of the consultation, so there is no confusion for the homeowner.

It’s a win-win situation for all involved! A more beautiful home to sell, using a service that is affordable and much lower than a price reduction would be!   Isn’t it worth a try?